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We do care
We strive to protect the basic human right of Privacy, Wherever you are – Using your mobile phone, driving your connected car or at your smart home

Yehonatan Wasserman

Co-Founder & CTO

Yoni brings vast experience in cutting edge technology, beginning from elementary school years. He led the establishing of advanced SW development environments and introduced virtual & augmented reality tools into the IDF headquarters. He Holds BSc in Software and Hardware computer engineering from Bar-Ilan University

“As a person that spent most of his life in front of a computer screen I believe that certain exposure of your digital foot-print is inhabitable, on the other hand in the era of open source and cloud computing each individual should be equipped with sufficient tools to control their private data”

Yoav Finkelshtein

Co-Founder, COO & Biz-Dev

Yoav brings vast experience in business operations & strategy management – from planning to execution, he held senior positions within leading hi-tech organizations like Amdocs and Flash Networks and fulfilled his career around the globe – Israel, USA, China and Australia. Yoav holds BA in Economics and MBA from Northwestern University – Kellogg school of management and Tel-Aviv University

“I’ve grew up in a world when privacy was a basic and perhaps the most important human right. I am worried by the sharp decline of privacy in the new era of technology and astonished by our findings of how big corporations violate our permissions without our knowledge and collecting our sensitive and private information on a daily routine”

Yossi Koren

Co-Founder & CEO

Yossi brings vast experience in financial and operational management in large corporations characterized with high growth and multi-national deployment. He was a co-founder in a successful consulting practice and lead few global M&A  transactions. Yossi held executive positions within leading hi-tech organization like Teva, Amdocs and DVTel and fulfilled his career in Israel and in the USA. He  holds BSc with honor in engineering & MBA from Recanati school of management – Tel Aviv University

“I see the privacy domain as a battle field for user’s digital independence. As a strategist, my vision is to improve the balance of power between users and the new digital empires by introducing new technological tool box thereby create new eco-system by changing the rules of the game”

Gilad Margolin

VP R&D and Product

Gilad has vast experience in several technological domains. He specialized in defining and integrating advanced innovative multi-disciplinary solutions. He held key positions within leading Israeli hi-tech  organization like Applied Materials and Clal-bit systems. Gilad holds BSc in Software engineering from Ben Gurion University and MBA from Northwestern University – Kellogg school of management and Tel-Aviv University

“I believe our technology offers a great opportunity to make a great social impact! By providing cutting edge technology solution, we give power back to the people to re-gain control over their private data”

Privacy Rating

Privacy Rating develops ‘qprivacy© for business’ software suite that provides real-time protection layer for outflow data communication from the end-user device while visiting the business website or using its applications. The solution provides client-side Data Leakage protection and compliance with privacy regulations

Our Goal

Resolve the client-side existing vulnerabilities - Reduce security and customer privacy risks and allow compliance with privacy regulations (e.g. GDPR, NY SHIELD act, CCPA, HIPAA, COPPA ex.) and financial information data leak prevention regulations (e.g. NYDFS, CFIPA ex.) across all web channels (Websites & Apps) and all platforms with no impact on user experience

We are here:

To protect the right for privacy in the digital era

Enabling publishers to enforce their own privacy policy at the end user device and protect their customers, without affecting the user experience