Privacy. Integrity. Scale


Privacy. Integrity. Scale​.

The Hard Choice of Enterprise: Expand with risk or hold back for privacy and security?
Digital channels are the biggest opportunity and the biggest challenge.
The growth of today’s enterprise depends on 3rd party tools. Yet 3rd parties are the Achilles heel of a company’s digital infrastructure. When installed within mobile and web applications, 3rd parties are an open door, exposing and sharing client data with their own servers. Impossible to control or track, companies must choose to limit or forgo their use altogether or risk loss of reputation, breach of security, and crippling privacy regulation.
Privacy is Paramount, but 3rd Parties make it Impossible to Maintain
When companies choose to install 3rd party tools within their website or mobile applications, those 3rd parties are effectively granted access to all client-device data provided by the customers to the company itself. Neither the clients nor the company can prevent or control this access. Until now

Third-Parties have full access to customer data

Publishers have no visibility and no control to unmanaged third-party communication from the user device

The QP Solution

The only solution available for both web and mobile, QP applies a protective layer between client-facing applications and 3rd party servers that can clear personal identifiable information from 3rd party communication outflow. Client data is kept confidential within your security parameters, ensuring corporate security, client privacy, and full data usability for analytics and marketing

Ensure 3rd Party Tools Play by your Rules

Digital channels are the biggest opportunity and the biggest challenge.

With QP, you can manage and dictate your own whitelist privacy and security policies to all 3rd party tools and open source libraries installed within your web and mobile client-facing applications. Choose to either allow, block, anonymize, or pseudonymize PII communication outflow from your client’s device. Only approved information will be sent from your customer’s device to 3rd party servers, and any communication to unauthorized destinations will be automatically blocked

Map and Detect

Visibility & Alerts

Active Policy

  1. Protect mobile apps and websites from data leaks and security breaches.
  2. Gain real-time visibility and control with notifications and alerts.
  3. Expand online capabilities and digital strategy.
  4. Leverage big data insights – No limits to employ data analytics, advertising software, cloud services, open source libraries and more.
  5. Genuine Consent Management.
  6. Enable Data Subject Rights (DSR) to 3rd party data collection.
  7. Easy installation (Plug & Play SDK).