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By encrypting outbound device communication, you can fully leverage third-party tools without risking customer privacy or company security.

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The World’s First Always-On customer Privacy Enforcer

The first-ever solution to work across web and mobile, we ensure all third-party tools installed within your customer-facing applications abide by your privacy and security policies.

Freely leverage
third-parties with confidence

By blocking or encrypting outbound communication, our solution ensures full control over what data third-parties servers receive without compromising their functionality or impact.


  • Safeguard highly-sensitive client information
  • Prevent supply-chain vulnerabilities and attacks
  • Stay in control through real-time alerts

Block specific data categories to disable data sharing of sensitive information (ie: social security number, credit card number, etc) and prohibit data transfer to unauthorized destinations.


  • Freely employ third-party tools
  • Preserve and privatize big-data insights
  • Fully protect sensitive customer data

Encrypt identifiable characteristics (ie: loan figures, medical conditions, location etc), from customer-device data outflow to ensure privacy while maintaining full third-party functionality.

We work with

Cross industry, we’re protecting client privacy and company security.


Financial Sector & Services

Financial details, credit card numbers, account data


Public Sector

Private ID information, social security number, driver license


Medical info, appointments, doctor preferences


Browsing history, areas of interest, photos, contacts, location

Scale with confidence

Employ the full suite of analytics, ad software, cloud services, and open source scripts

Gain real-time visibility and control with notifications and alerts

Protect against data leaks, security breaches, fishing, and hacking attempts (e.g. Magecart)

Nuance privacy-regulation compliance by any parameter (e.g. region, segment, etc)

Extend Data Subject Access Rights (DSAR) to third-party data collection

Ensure genuine consent management

Ramp up quickly with our Plug & Play SDK


QP perfectly addresses the problem and the great UI is just an extra. It allows us to expand the use of existing analytics and to implement new tools that until now we could not use.


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Our thoughts and perspectives on the future of data privacy and the evolving regulatory landscape.


Take back data privacy control today.

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