Website and Application Privacy

Enabling enterprises to work with Third-Party solutions - Safely & Privately

Website and Application Privacy

Enabling enterprises to work with Third-Party solutions - Safely & Privately

Privacy, Security, Analytics
Enabling businesses to protect customers' private data within their website and applications. The patented technology provides real-time visibility and control to outflow of data from the customer device to Third-Party servers, allowing the organization to comply with regulations and to expand its on-line capabilities
The risk to customers privacy and security
More than 50% of the communication requests from the customers device are not directed to the publisher due to embedded third party services and open source codes within the websites and applications, exposing customers private data and creating vulnerability to businesses who struggle to comply with privacy and data leakage regulations

Third-Parties have full access to customer data

Publishers have no visibility and no control to unmanaged third-party communication from the user device

The protective layer

Third-party tools and plug-ins (SDK’s) are essential part of the business website and applications, providing various capabilities for analyzing marketing campaigns, measuring user experience, to increase customers engagement, deliver better service and to grow revenues. As a result, the business digital channels are layered with Third-Party technologies such as Big data analytics, Social media, Advertising services and Open source tools, which are all characterized by constant transmission of data from the customer device to their own cloud-based servers, exposing the organization to risks of in-compliance with privacy regulations, possible malicious attacks and unintentional data leakage

The power to digitally act

qprivacy provides real-time visibility and control. It adds a protective layer to the business digital channels by handling data communication at the lowest granular level; The adaptive AI technology supports autonomous mode of operations, enabling appropriate data management methods to Third-Parties communications - Either Block, Anonymize or Pseudonymize Personal Identifiable Information (PII) based on the business own defined policy. The solution enables to maintain full usability of Third-parties technologies without compromising customers privacy and security

Map and Detect

Active Policy

Visibility & Alerts

Enforcement of the publisher’s privacy policy at the end-user device

Unique AI based technology enables real-time management of content, whether it is encrypted or not

Detects and prevents data leakage in real-time

Does not impact performance