We strive to protect the basic human right of privacy:

Enabling enterprises to protect their customers' private data

We strive to protect the basic human right of privacy:

Enabling enterprises to protect their customers' private data

Digital publishers and the supply chain vulnerability
Web and mobile services publishers deliver a personalized, user-centric experience that relies on external services in a flexible, ever evolving and dynamic technological surroundings. This comes at a cost - Keeping control over flow of private information and compliance with regulations becomes impossibly difficult

Businesses’ websites and mobile applications are layered with third party technologies such as big data analytics, social media, advertising services and various open source tools, which are all characterized by their unmanaged delivery of data from the customer device to third-party servers while using the business direct channels, exposing it to risks due to incompliance with regulations, possible malicious attacks. unintentional data transfer due to internal human errors or system glitch
The risk to customers privacy and security
More than 50% of the communication requests from the customers device are not directed to the publisher due to embedded third party services and open source codes within the websites and applications, exposing customers private data through the digital supply chain and creating vulnerability to enterprises who struggle to comply with privacy and data leakage regulations

You don’t have to break-in if you have permission….

A “leaking” reality - Publishers have no visibility and no control to unmanaged third parties communication from the user device

The protective layer

Instead of fixing the industry, qprivacy plugs a single critical point in the data stream. qprivacy includes unique technology that acts as a protective layer to the customer device while interacting with the publishers' digital channels (Web and Mobile). It operates within the communication layers, not interfering or impairing with the customer experience

The power to digitally act

The solution enables enterprises the safe use of digital third party technologies, while insuring that customers personal data is not being inappropriately collected by either authorized factors such as data analytics providers or by unauthorized factors such as hackers that may gain intimate access to customers data via the supply chain channels

Flexible, customizable and AI-adaptive, enforcement of the publisher’s privacy policy at the end-user’s device

Unique technology that enables to identify & manage in real-time types of content, based on communication patterns recognition, without the need to read the information itself, whether it is encrypted or not

Smart filtration allows the publisher to employ cutting-edge digital tools w/o worrying about incompliance

AI capabilities to detect and prevent data leakage in the shortest possible response time

Patented tech classifies outgoing (omni-channel) communication w/o interrupting it or reducing performance

Map and Detect

- Map outflow content
- Continues data leakage detection

Split & Route Communication

- Uninterrupted publisher’s comm.
- Inspect third party outflow traffic

Active Policy

- Communication Pattern Recognition
- Content Pattern Signature

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