Safeguard Customer Data without the Headache

We keep it simple. Easy installation coupled with minimal oversight requirements make us the preferred choice of enterprise.

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Cross-device and cross-platform, we’re working hard so you don’t have to.

Our customer data protection works across all platforms (Web, iOS, and Android), ensuring that no matter where you and your customers meet, their data is safe.

Focus on Goals, Not Alerts

A powerful solution requiring no heavy lifting.

Step 1

Add & Map

Just add our SDK to your website or app. No changes or configurations needed. Our system will map all outbound communication, identifying every parameter and value being exported by third-parties.

Step 2

Define & Enforce

Armed with your outbound communication map, simply decide what you want to block or encrypt (with or without our guidance) and enforce your policies.

Step 3

Protect & Grow

Once your policies are enforced our system runs automatically and can easily integrate into SIEM and SOC solutions, ensuring you can focus on goals rather than the management of yet another technology.

Always-on visibility and control

Cross Platforms


Cross Platforms

Operates at all communication levels based on Communication Pattern Recognition

Data Collection



Plug & Play generic SDK.
No modification to legacy system. Minimal local configuration required



Autonomous Operation

Identifies data types (including encrypted data)
based on content and context

Data Strategies


Maintain Data Usability

Blocking & De-Identifying techniques to maintain data usability

Data Utilization



Protect and Customize third-party data communication at the lowest information level

Stronger together

When it comes to third-party tools, privacy compliance and website/app security must go hand-in-hand. That’s why our solution is comprehensive, enabling you to dictate your own rules and policies while complying with leading worldwide regulations.

Customer privacy

  • Prevent PII theft
  • Stop data leakage
  • Comply with regulations such as CCPA, CPRA, GDPR and more.
  • Provide full audit logs
  • Comply with Data Subject Access Rights requirements

Company Security

  • Safeguard against supply chain vulnerabilities
  • Stop malicious code injection
  • Block Magecart attacks
  • Thwart Formjacking
  • Prevent repercussions due to bugs and human errors

Our Tech Advantage

Fully leverage third-party tools and open source scripts

Safeguard equally across web and mobile

Gain full visibility and control with real-time alerts

Ramp up quickly with our Plug & Play SDK

Ensure genuine consent management

Extract complete log and audit reports

Cloud orchestrated for seamless implementation enforcement


Our thoughts and perspectives on the future of data privacy and the evolving regulatory landscape.


Take back data privacy control today.

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